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Artificial Intelligence in Virtual Reality has a significant role to play in terms of both qualitative and quantitative data collection pertaining to trainee progress. From tracking and maintaining the record of a trainee’s performance and learning outcomes to helping trainers identify areas of improvement in trainees, AI in Virtual Reality is critical toward ensuring a truly stimulating and effective training process.
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Intelligent Speech Recognition

With AI, you can track a learner’s progress through a training assessment and generate predictive insights which can empower both the trainee and the trainer by helping them figure out gaps in their learning.

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Recommendation Engine

The backbone for everything dealing with AI. The biggest step towards personalization is the recommendation engine. Such anengine can look at the historical data of all learners and also assess content meta-data, which can be correlated with a learner's history to tailor recommendations for that particular learner.

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Immersive learning lab CONTROLS

When delivering a VR experience, trainers stay in control using Veative's immersive learning management app.

Students experiencing VR
Students experiencing VR

Reports & ANAYTICS

The Reports and Analytics feature allows quick visualization of how trainees are interacting with the VR Modules, with the help of trainees and trainers dashboards.


Veative VR solution comes with an easy-to-use content management system accessible through web or an app loaded on the trainers tablet. The content management system enables trainers to easily find structured content mapped to their learning module.

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