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Effective workforce training that utilizes technological know-how is the quintessential need of the day. Immersive tools help bridge the existing skills gap and motivate learners across various fields. Our immersive and experiential learning modules reduce the learning curve, and digital tools such as 3D learning environments, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality facilitate experiential learning that allows trainees to grasp theoretical concepts faster and in greater depth. Immersive technologies empower trainees to learn certain skills in a simulated environment through a hands-on approach, without drawing upon real resources, and by training more often to improve knowledge retention.

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We provide solutions across a variety of industries such as power, oil & gas, automotive, medical, defense, mining, construction, cybersecurity, hospitality, and tourism. Our training solutions focus on developing technical skills and soft skills, and mitigating industrial hazards and improving the safety of employees during workplace training. These solutions are structured and designed for increasing the productivity of learners, while simultaneously focusing on lowering the cost of the training process through immersive and experiential learning in a controlled environment. Trainees, therefore, can participate in and learn through a well-crafted, immersive and interactive learning environment without using real industrial assets, thus helping to lower the long-term cost of training.











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Artificial Intelligence in Virtual Reality has a significant role to play in terms of both qualitative and quantitative data collection pertaining to trainee progress. From tracking and maintaining the record of a trainee’s performance and learning outcomes to help trainers identify areas of improvement in trainees, AI in Virtual Reality is critical toward ensuring a truly stimulating and effective training process.

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Intelligent Analytics

With AI, you can track a learner’s progress through a training assessment and generate predictive insights which can empower both the trainee and the trainer by helping them figure out gaps in their learning.

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Personalized Learning Path

The AI engine can look at learner’s historical data, like assessment performance, speed and conceptual weaknesses to generate a personalized learning path.

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Recommendation Engine

The biggest step towards personalization is the recommendation engine. Such an engine can look at the historical data of all learners, and also understand all the content meta-data, both of which can be correlated with one particular student’s history to tailor recommendations for that learner.


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