Industry Partnership - UNITY


Unity is one kind of a tool, considered as an ultimate one for it helps in coming up with interesting games and various interactive 3D content. One can use this framework to assemble assets and art into environments and scenes, audio, special effects, add lighting, animation, and concomitantly play, test and edit the game if necessary.


Unity Technologies Partners with Veative Labs for Center of Excellence. The Center of Excellence will focus on providing immersive technology solutions for academics (school and university education), skill development, vocational training, and enterprise applications for industries such as defense, tourism, retail, construction and engineering. The center aims at creating an umbrella framework for actions pertaining to 3D/AR/VR and to be a platform for adapting the best practices in the evolving domains. It will bring a better learning experience to Unity developers around the globe with high quality 3D, VR, AR and MR content and teaching tools.

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